Top 4 Card Games to Develop Your Cognitive & Communication Skills


Everyone has at least one type of game they are fond of, but somehow card games dominate. There are numerous reasons for that, and even though having fun is the main one, other aspects, like improving our cognitive and communication skills, also play a huge role, and these games are the best in that.

1. Go Fish


Various types of games focus on improving cognitive or communication skills, but this one actually improves both. Namely, interacting with other players is of vast importance here, as you constantly need to speak and talk with other players so that you achieve the goal and win the game. On the other hand, the beauty of this game lies in its simplicity, as everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy playing it. As for the rules, they are easy to learn as every player is dealt seven cards while the rest are spread out on the table, which is called the “pool.”

The goal is to get rid of all of the cards but in a specific way. Namely, going clockwise, you ask a person next to your left whether they have a particular rank of card. Now, if someone asks for sixes and the player next to them has sixes, they need to give all the sixes they got. In case they don’t have those cards, the payer asking needs to Go Fish (hence the name) and pick one from the pool. If a player is lucky and has picked the one they asked for, then they get another turn, but in case they pick some other card, then their turn is over. When you get four suits of one rank, you place them face up in front of you, and the goal is to have the most piles once there is no card left in the pool.

2. UNO


Everyone is familiar with this game, and even though it’s a bit more complex than Go Fish, the rules are easy to learn but creative at the same time, improving the overall excitement and experience. Every player gets seven cards that are faced down, and the remaining cards are left in the Draw pile, and next to it is the Discard pile. Now, the goal is to get rid of all of your cards, but since there are many factors that can affect your strategy, sometimes it’s not up to you whether you will draw two or not, for example.

A must thing is to follow the color of the card in the Discard pile, and the color can be changed only by placing the card with the same rank but in another color or using a Wild Card. Other cards that make this game so unique are Skip, Reverse, Draw 2, and Draw 4. Each card has a specific value, and the end goal is to finish with the lowest score possible. As for why it’s so great for improving our cognitive and communication skills, bluffing, excitement, teasing your opponents, and all that while using various strategies and your intuition is what makes this game so exceptional and popular across the globe.

3. Blackjack


This list cannot be complete without mentioning blackjack, one of the most popular card games in the entire world. Blackjack owes its popularity to simple rules and the excitement it provides to a winner, especially if it is played in a casino. It is an indispensable part of every casino offer, but it can easily be played with friends during interesting game nights, as it is as fun when playing for fun as it is when playing for real money. Many people think it is not a good game for playing with friends because the main point is to beat the dealer, but it is one of the best ones to improve concentration and communication, as there is no need to focus on complicated rules.

All you need is to have a total of twenty-one in your hands or get as close to that number as possible. You get two cards, and everyone can see them, while one of the dealer’s cards is face down, so you need to decide whether to risk and get another card or wait for the dealer to turn in another card. It is simple as it sounds, but it is necessary to focus and make the right move in order to win. If blackjack seems interesting to you, and you want to learn to play it before inviting friends to a blackjack night, you can find it on

4. Cheat


Many people try to cheat when playing cards, but do you know that there is a game that has this name and make us cheat when we do not have another option? Although Cheat might seem bad for young children, it is actually a great way to teach them how to respect other players and improve their communication. The best thing is that it is extremely fun, and children can easily learn the rules, but adults are also excited to try it.

All we need is one deck of cards and three to six players, and the fun can start. All the cards should be dealt among the players evenly, and the rest of the cards be put in the center face down, and the main point is to get rid of all cards we are holding in our hands. Of course, there are some rules to follow, but since they are not complicated, it only makes Cheat funnier. The first move is reserved for the player left from the dealer, and they should put an Ace on the pile, but the real fun starts if they do not have it in their hands and need to cheat and put in another card. If we think they are cheating, we need to say “cheat” loud and clear, and if we are right, they need to take all the cards from the pile, but if we are wrong, the cards from the pile will end up in our hands.