Why ABC and ESPN not working on Youtube TV, How to Fix?

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Well it is not by bad luck but your favorite channel has been banned, by now you have tried watching any ABC channel or ESPN network channel on YouTube Tv.The dispute is all about the carriage fee which was lowered by 23% form $64 to $49, you guessed it the problem is all about money.

The carriage fee dispute was not resolved before December 17, leading to the switch off. The Disney owned channels affected incase you are wondering why your preferred channel is not streaming, National Geographic Wild; ESPN Networks, FX Networks and Freeform. Trying to get to unlock YouTube TV outside the US can be a challenge, but with the help of streamingrant guide you will be able to bypass geo restriction of Youtube TV easily.

The good thing is that with all money disputes, it will be resolved sooner or later, the bad part is that you will have to go looking for other streaming service providers to offering the same Disney Suite you are looking for, however I will share alternatives links to stream later in this post. Looking forward to a quick resolve as YouTube stated.

“Disney is an important partner for us and we’re in active conversations with them and working hard to keep their content on YouTube TV. Our task to Disney, as with all our partners, is to treat YouTube TV like any other TV provider – by offering us the same rates that services of a similar size pay, across Disney’s channels for as long as we carry them.”

Why is this news big? Youtube is the largest pay TV service with over 4 million subscribers globally and it commands a loyal streaming base due to their ease of access.

The channels will be back soon once they get back soon to the negotiating table.

Learn how to unlock YouTube TV outside the US. YouTube tv is a streaming service for cord cutters and those who prefer over the air TV channels. But some channels to the service from the US only.

Using Apps to Access YouTube TV outside the US

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Well for now you can access the channels using their apps such as the ESPN App at a fee, or you look for other streaming service providers when you are still in the US.

  • Sling TV
  • fubo TV
  • Hulu + Live

Also considering you are out of the US, consider using a secure VPN to unlock YouTube TV from anywhere and anytime.

YouTube TV being available only to the US viewers, their rich content and channels 85+ makes it a premium source of content. Being geo-locked the services can only be accessed through a secure VPN such as Express VPN outside the US.

Using A Secure VPN To Watch YouTube TV

The content guidelines and copyright laws governing US locations make it extremely difficult to access the YouTube TV content, when an error message will always appear on the screen with very reliable geo-blocking features.

Of course you can use proxies to access the channels, but be careful to safeguard your internet history and data that can be easily breached when using an insecure platform.

The best way which is secure is identifying a secure VPN to access YouTube TV outside the US.

Looking at the top three alternatives to stream YouTube TV outside the US;

1. ExpressVPN

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Using a secure IP address originating from the US, this VPN service is available in 94 countries, with top class security and encryption services. To start using the services follow the simple steps.

  • Sign up and get yourself a favorable package, with a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Download the chrome extension or firefox extension, connect to a secure US location.
  • Lastly sign up for a YouTube TV account and enjoy the shows available.

For more information and to select the different packages visit ExpressVPN

2. NordVPN

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Accessing YouTube TV from multiple devices outside the US is a great value addition, with a secure IP address protected from the constant online threats such as malwares NordVPN is a sure choice to keep enjoying the shows anywhere and anytime.

They guarantee private browsing even on Wi-Fi.

Follow the following steps to be part of the service by:

  • Sign up on to the NordVPN
  • Download the app and install it to enjoy.

3. Surf Shark

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Traveling anywhere outside the US and still being able to access YouTube TV would be great, anything pocket friendly and secure is a good deal. With Surf Shark all this is possible, as mentioned with the other previous VPN, a paid service is much more secure for you to use compared to any free VPN service.

To have a stable, and reliable VPN service provider with a internet safety guarantee is an advantage, with a network connection that is fast.

Before you make that decision to purchase a secure VPN some factors to consider are the following,

  1. The number of servers that can stream: The VPN which has the most servers will definitely provide better availability when outside the US.
  2. Streaming Capability: A secure VPN service should be able to bypass the geo-block feature and connect to YouTube TV with minimal or none difficulty.
  3. Are they compatible with most devices? Different operating systems are usually used for different devices, a reliable and premium VPN service should be able to stream well.
  4. Price is important and guarantees the best service. Different service providers have many options on their package, select the one which fits what you are looking for and will give you the best value, just avoid the free VPN services. They are not secure and they will sell you private data.

Okay, you have selected the service that suits you, now we get down to the actual testing of the best service. There are some factors to consider so that you will not be disappointed within the first try.

Keep in mind technology keeps evolving, this is in reference to the geo blocking feature keep changing your IP address and follow the instructions well using the secure VPN service.