7 Reasons to Rent a Van in El Paso, TX

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For many years, the remote West Texas city of El Paso has been a spot living its own life. Tourists can find plenty of weekend getaways and enjoyable day trips from El Paso to consider the idea of renting a van. Similar to all the rest of the great Texas cities, El Paso has lots of entertaining activities going on in and around it for everyone.

Whether the tourists can be looking for a hike, a museum to explore, or a cultural exchange, there are no doubt several prominent places to attend near El Paso that will be ideal for your next family trip.

Carlsbad, New Mexico

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Most people have probably heard of the Caverns of Carlsbad, New Mexico, but they may not understand just how close they are located to El Paso. El Paso is not far from the border of the state of New Mexico, so spending time investigating underground caves’ natural curiosities at the popular Carlsbad Caverns National Park is a necessity.

However, you should remember that tourists can enjoy more in the Carlsbad region than in caves. If you fancy the outdoors, Carlsbad also provides the pleasure of attending a lake for boating and swimming, a zoo and natural area, one hundred million-year-old waterfalls, and a state park to enjoy a hike, plus many more activities that are hidden by the caverns.

There is certainly plenty to observe and explore here to make a complete weekend trip from El Paso. Plus, of course, there’s Texas’ own Guadalupe Mountains National Park to check out in the area as well! So, this is the first reason to take a 12 passenger van rental in El Paso, TX with the help of 14cars.com, and get ready for the adventures outdoors.


The second reason to rent a van is to visit Alamogordo with your family. The title of the city means “fat cottonwood.” Tourists may download the Alamogordo application to get the freshest activities in the city. The town was changed from a railroad, agriculture, and ranching crossings to a pulsing settlement with armed neighbors at White Sands Missile Range and Holloman Air Force Base.

The glistening white hills of gypsum at White Sands National Park stand like magnificent surreal scrolls of off-white sand. Hit at the close of the day. As people take off the shoes, touch the surface of the sand, and feel how it changes from soft waves to wind-firmed walkable coats.

The 145,000 preserved acreages turned into a national park in December 2019. Founded in 1994, White Sands Missile Range Museum protects the artifacts and history of the Army and New Mexico. Oliver Lee State Park offers an oasis of water pools under the cottonwood trees in Dog Canyon, camping, hiking trails, the historic ranch house, wildlife, and bird viewing.

The Largest Pistachio in the world is recognition by Thomas McGinn, creator of PistachioLand, a 111-acre vineyard, and orchard that began from naked land in 1980. People can get over 14 acres of wine grapes and 12,000 pistachio trees, Arena Blanca Winery, and McGinn’s Country Store.

575 Brewing Company presents alcoholic slushies, house brews, and wine. Tall Pines Beer & Wine Garden sells brewed beers at three locations, including Pagosa Springs, Alamogordo, and Ruidoso.

Elephant Butte Lake State Park

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Van rental can be helpful if you want to explore Elephant Butte Lake that is the biggest and most famous lake in New Mexico. It gives a background for any possible water sport as well as a guest center that provides local interpretive presentations. The mild climate of the region turns this park into a favorite all-year-round destination. It will take you about two hours to get to the park from El Paso.

Hueco Tanks State Park

Bulky rock structures in the desert appear 45 minutes from El Paso at Hueco Tanks State Park. Here, aged pictures sprout over the scenery, about 3,000 in total, honoring the essential role those catch-basin rocks have performed in the human past.

Guests can read more about the pictographs and their authors at the park’s interpretive center, or visit a historic ranch house. Exploring the pictographs and park is free with entrance to the place, where gray foxes, falcons, eagles, and bobcats live free. The park also contains 20 camping places where you can stay in your van rental.

Big Bend Region

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The attraction of the Big Bend region meets no boundaries. From deserts to mountains and plains – energy is everlasting here at the Big Bend Region. Best visitor places here cover Lajitas, Study Butte, Terlingua Ghost Town, Marathon, and many more. There are many facilities possible in the region and you can plan your visit to get to know the communities more.

If you desire, you can even prolong your stay as there are many booking possibilities open from luxurious to tents. Visitors can spend their time hiking, having jeep tours, practicing horseback riding, river tours, and more.

Chihenne Ranch

Chihenne Ranch is located in the quiet hills of Black Range, which is near the Gila National Forest. The beginning of the ranch starts from 6500 feet at the ranch house up to 8500 at the top of the mountains.

The ranch also offers campsite equipment for Scout Boys and Youth groups. A vacation in the Chihenne Ranch is an enjoyable site for everyone. Visitors can spend the entire day with courageous amenities like:

  • visits to ghosts towns;
  • panoramic scenery;
  • 4-wheel off-road trips;
  • gold and silver mine visits;
  • horseback riding;
  • excellent hiking;
  • Indian site visits, and much more.

Lincoln National Forest

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In the south of the state of New Mexico, the Lincoln National Forest is a popular destination for tourists. The park was created in 1902, crossing more than one million acres and covering a few mountain ranges, woods, meadows, and sands. This goal is excellent for those who need to explore the common sceneries of the Southeast, perfect with dramatic canyons, lookout towers, and hiking trails that are visited by thousands of travelers every year.