What Is the Quickest Way to Get a Passport?

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We all know about the travel document with which we can cross the borders of the countries. However, obtaining a document proving your identity and citizenship is a process. It involves several key steps. The procedure is determined by law and it is the only legal way to get this document. Just like any other document, there is a limited time of use.

That’s why you have to renew it every few years. If you want a more detailed explanation of this procedure and to find out how to get your document in the fastest way, keep reading.

What is the procedure for applying for a passport?

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The first thing you need to do is apply for a passport. At this stage you will need certain documents. Of course, this refers to an ID card to prove the identity of the applicant. If you are changing your old passport because it has expired, you must also bring it with you. Don’t forget to get proof of the passport fee paid. Finally, you will need the photos in the appropriate size. There are situations that require the urgent production of a passport, but then you must have proof that confirms the reason for the urgency of the procedure.

You can fill the application form online or offline and then print it. Do not sign the application until you are asked to do so. Don’t forget to verify proof of citizenship. Also get a birth certificate and everything else. If your legal name has changed, you will need to submit proof of name change. After you have filled out the form, you can take the documentation to the right place. Most of these facilities require an appointment before visiting. Don’t forget to check it out. Finally, you have to wait some time for your application to be processed. It will probably take two or three weeks, but be patient.

How can I get a passport quickly?

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If you just can’t be patient, do something about it. Submitting a request for expedited service is not the only or fastest way to get your document. As a rule, the form is submitted at the regional agency and processing is done on the same day if necessary. Even if you are unable to visit such a facility, you are free to send someone else to do so for you. Do not forget about the fast courier services that offer their services. These agencies have a lot of experience in the passport expediting process, but they must be registered. Not all companies are created equal, so you need to search carefully until you find the right one. First, look for the company’s history and check it thoroughly, because you are entrusting them with your personal document after all. Your company must have been around for at least a few years, although that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. The age of the company shows you how long it has been providing its services and whether it is achieving positive results in business.

If you can’t find anything about it on their website, they probably have something to hide. Good companies will want to share their successes with their future clients. Also check their rating. This includes all customer complaints, advertising practices, transparency, positive feedback, etc. Search the BBB database and access valuable information for free. We have to mention that not all forwarders are registered. Such information does not have to be decisive in evaluating the quality of the company. If in doubt, always choose a registered company. We must not forget about the location of the company’s operations. Each company has a limited number of passport requests per day. If there is only one object, there is probably little chance of really speeding up your application. Unlike them, there are companies with many more facilities and they are always a better choice. Not only will you have a better chance of speeding up your application, but you’ll be able to choose the location closest to you. Read as many customer reviews as you can. These can be forums, websites and other sources.

What should a passport photo look like?

Before you submit your request, double check what photo dimensions you need. So that part is very simple. It is generally the most difficult thing for people to look good in a photo. Luckily, we have some tips for you. The dress code can be casual or business. It is unacceptable to wear overalls, uniforms, as well as hats, caps and other headgear before the photo session.

Such photos will simply not be accepted and will be returned together with the package of documents. Only one exception was made – those who are forbidden by religion to walk with their heads uncovered. Don’t forget to wear your eye glasses if you normally wear them. Of course, if you wear them occasionally or only while working, don’t take pictures with them. You can take photos yourself or seek professional help.

How to take a good passport photo?

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The most important thing is that you fit well and look like yourself. However, we all want to look good in photos. But before that visit this website and find out proper dimension. Only after that you can pay attention to your appearance. To look as full as possible, pull your hair back. In this way, you will additionally emphasize the cheekbones and avoid messy hair. Don’t forget to put on makeup, but keep it discreet. Of course, there’s no need to go to a professional make-up artist or cross over into don’t-look-like-myself territory, but there are tricks that will help you look better in front of the camera.

Let the focus be on your complexion. The complexion should be matte and even, and the face slightly contoured. The light of the device knows how to “wash” the color from the face, so this is the most important step to avoid looking two-dimensional and too pale. The top is the only part of the outfit that counts, and it’s best if it’s plain or with a classic round neck or turtleneck. The dark color of the garment gives extra definition against the white background.


Once you have gathered all the information about applying for a passport, everything else goes smoothly. Don’t forget to double-check all documents before submitting your application. Also, don’t experiment before taking a passport photo. Scheduling intensive facials or a brand new hairstyle is really not a smart thing to do before your photo shoot. Refrain from trying bangs or any other hairstyle, and get a good photographer.