New Technologies used in Online Betting Industry

New Technologies in Online Betting Industry

Betting has been a part of human civilization for thousands of years across different cultures, such as China where betting has been practised for more than 4,000 years and where cock fighting is still popular to this day.

The digital revolution has boosted the growth of online betting, while the arrival of COVID-19 and increasing technological advances further popularise online betting. Let us now take a look at the technologies that have been put to use in the online betting industry.

Various Methods of Payment Including Digital Currencies

Online betting payment choice

In the past, cash used to be the main method of payment, but now, there are a lot of methods to choose from, including credit cards and cash cards.

Players can use Visa or Mastercard credit cards to pay for their bets, as well as make a domestic bank transfer to deposit the cash and bet on online betting websites.

Cryptocurrencies are among the latest developments in terms of payment method; they are digital currencies that are protected by encryption and the blockchain technology, which helps prevent fraud or breaches of your privacy.


As of now, smartphones are no longer luxury items but necessities. They allow people to communicate with their loved ones, but follow the news, visit shops, and even make bets.

Players worldwide can make a bet or play any games they like from anywhere in the world with phone signals.

The COVID-19 pandemic contributed significantly to the popularisation of betting on smartphone. You can now bet from anywhere in the world at any given moment.

Watching Live Broadcasts

Watching Live Broadcasts

One of the most popular forms of betting in Thailand and the world is football betting. You can bet on a football game very easily online while enjoying the match via live streams on online betting websites or on TV.

Whether you want to bet on Premier League matches, bet on the EUROs, or any other football tournaments all around the world, you can enjoy the match live and cheer your team on.

Current technologies have made this very convenient and comfortable to do.

3D Slot Machines

Technology does not only make online betting more secure, but also increases the thrill of online betting.

Slot machines are the best example.

What used to be a normal, boring game of chance where you pull a lever has turned into a thrilling experience thanks to 3D technology. It adds so much entertainment to online games by providing impressive graphics or even add story components like a conventional video game that gamers can download to enjoy.

This technology modernizes the experience, particularly its aesthetics.

Live Casino Games

A Man Watching Live Casino Games

In live casino games, the dealer and his hand is filmed remotely in a studio, and the camera broadcasts live content to players’ computer screens.

Each dealt card will appear on player’s screen, allowing them to specify which card they want to play.

Additional features, like sound effects and the ability to talk to the dealer, make live casino games approachable and enjoyable from the comfort of your own home.

In this current age, technological advancements have been spectacular.

Online betting has been made much more convenient and modern, ensuring that you will always get the best experience from making bets online.

This new wave of technological advancements will not stop any time soon, and you will not miss any new developments for online betting technology by following our website.

But on what should you use your technology to bet on? Here is a list of the most highly anticipated football tournaments in 2024.

The Biggest Football Tournaments To Bet On (2024 Updated)

Football Betting

2024 is a year packed with incredible and highly anticipated football tournaments that you can make proper bets on using the various forms of technology mentioned in this article. Here are some of the ones you might be able to make some big stacks of cash from!

European Domestic Football Leagues (2023/24 Season)

The Top Five European Football Leagues have seen some of the most exciting championship fights in quite some time.

The English Premier League is currently seeing a three-way title battle between incumbent Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal.

Liverpool is currently top of the table and will be doing everything in their power to win this league title as a parting gift for their departing manager Jurgen Klopp, while Arsenal would love to make amends of their dip in form last year which cost them the title to City.

The Spanish La Liga sees dark horse Girona leading the table for a large chunk of the season before succumbing to defending champions Real Madrid.

The Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1 are much less interesting, with reigning winners Inter Milan and Paris Saint-Germain both running away with the title.

But, of course, the biggest shock comes from the German Bundesliga, as the ever-dominant Bayern Munich is now sitting eight points behind the indomitable Bayer Leverkusen under Xabi Alonso.

If Leverkusen wins the title this year, they will become the first team in more than 11 years to successfully dethrone Bayern in the German first tier.

The Most Anticipated International Football Calendar Ever?

European Championship 2024

2024 was the first year in recorded history that all the major international football tournaments take place in the same year: the 2024 European Championship or the EUROS, the 2023 African Cup of Nations, the 2023 Asian Cup, the 2024 Copa America, and even the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

With the African and Asian Cups out of the way, we are now left with the final two most highly anticipated football events in the last few years.

The EUROS is being held in Germany this year, while the Copa America is kicking off in the United States.

The most hyped up aspect is the fact that the final of both tournaments will take place on the same day, July 14, 2024, just hours apart. This will definitely go down as the most talked about date in the history of the sport.

So, with the latest, most advanced technological invention at your disposal, and the greatest yearly calendar in football history coming up, it would be silly not to try to capitalise from this great combination and make some daring bets online.

The three-month stretch from May, when most domestic leagues conclude, to July, when the EUROS and Copa America finals are played, could be one of the most financially active periods on online betting sites.