Flowers as Healers, the Power to Cure – 2024 Guide

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Everything leads us back to mother nature. Medicine became a human God. Modern pills have more side effects than benefits. But flowers are the natural gifts of mother earth, that are not expensive and are without side effects.

The actual nature of a flower is never diminished while creating a bouquet visit They create everything with full devotion and love.

Medicines were not always present but were extracted and prepared from chemicals. Flowers being the babies of the earth have all the properties of earth in them as well. The essence of warmth, accepting everything, same for everybody, and power to cure.

Flowers as Healers

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Prehistoric times were much tougher for our ancestors. The modern science and medicine world was non-existent. Flowers were the healers and therapists. They can reduce your problems without even asking. Artificial products have made it more difficult for us to survive.

What are Medicinal Flowers?

The existence of the flowers is historic, so is the usage of the flowers for medicinal purposes. Medicinal Flowers are those flowers that have remedial properties in them. These properties are used from methods of extraction, eating directly, etc., to cure various health-related problems.

The daily bouquet of flowers can also be your medicinal flowers for more illnesses than you can imagine. Add the list of your next order and choose the perfect medicinal bouquet for your loved one.

Medicinal Flowers and their uses in cure

1. Lavender:

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A lavender flower has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Direct intake of lavender flowers is not recommended. But the extracts of lavender flowers are the most beneficial of all.

Medicinal Benefits: Lavender is most beneficial for sleep aid either in the form of tea or essential oil. The remedial properties of lavender can provide relief from bug bites and minor burns. It has also been proved to heal wounds and in the treatment of fungal infections. 

2. Gardenia:

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The gardenia flower contains chemicals that reduce insulin resistance and helps to prevent high blood sugar. These chemicals help for the medicinal benefits.

Medicinal Benefits: Chinese medicine heavily features Gardenia flowers. The medicinal properties are used for bladder problems, cleansing of blood, and any physical injuries. Gardenias are also used in mental health benefits as they help in relieving stress, anxiety, reducing depression, and improving insomnia.

3. Rose:

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Rose petals contain a chemical called polyphenols. The antioxidants present in the rose flower protect our body from cell damage. The natural oils extracted from a rose flower are the skin’s best friends if chosen.

Medicinal Benefits: As a rich source of vitamin C, they are good for human consumption and health benefits. Eating raw petals increases blood circulation in the body. Relieving depression is another benefit and intake of rose tea acts as a laxative.

Cough and cold relief are other benefits from the rose essence in syrup. The anti-inflammatory nature of rose helps in muscle pain relief and joint pains as well.

4. Chamomile:

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Chamomiles are daisy-like plants with the most efficient properties. Chamomile flowers contain a chemical named flavonoids, which plays an important role in the medicinal benefits.

Medicinal Benefits: The essential oil and extract of the chamomile is the soul soother in nature. The intake of chamomile tea helps to relax the body and mind, improving digestion and inducing sleep. They also benefit from reducing stress and depression. Chamomile flowers act as a natural pain reliever for cramps. It soothes the muscles.

5. Hawthorn:

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Hawthorn berries are tiny fruits packed with rich nutrients and work miracles. It can be taken in a tea form or as an additional supplement to your diet plan. Jams and desserts are other methods to add hawthorn on your food.

Medicinal Benefits: With the abundance of antioxidants present in the hawthorn flower, it is the best remedy for heart health. It improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and strengthens the heart.

6. Begonia:

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Begonias are the beautifully grown houseplants and annual flowers who love the shady areas. Some varieties require sunny areas too. The blooming period of the begonia flower varies from the area, humidity, indoor and outdoors.

Medicinal Benefits: Soaking the begonia flowers in the hot water and the infusion prepared is used to relieve headaches and for the elimination of body toxins. The leaves and flowers are also useful to heal burns and sours and relieve pains when crushed and rubbed directly on the skin.

7. Black Cohosh:

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A flower of Black Cohosh is extremely potent. It should be taken with proper care. Black cohosh as the perennial plant and its flowers do not have petals or sepals. They have clusters of tight, long stamens surrounding the stigma.

Medicinal Benefits: Black cohosh flowers have been used as uterus stimulators for centuries. A tiny dose of this flower is enough to regulate the menstrual cycles and relieve the pains. Black cohosh flowers are used for many other medicinal purposes but are not proved or researched thoroughly. A pregnant woman should avoid this as it can cause early labour and miscarriage.

8. Nasturtium:

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The immature seeds and leaves of nasturtium flowers contain a rare sulphur compound with antibacterial properties. People have been using it as a medicinal plant for centuries. The flowers and leaves are edible and safe for kids.

Medicinal Benefits: The antibacterial properties of nasturtium flowers make it the best medicine for the flu and common cold. Nasturtium flowers are also used to cure bladder problems, infections in lungs and reproductive organs.

The fresh flowers have the best feel about them and add them to your food and uses, positive results will be sure.


If researched efficiently, most of the flowers have some medicinal properties that can be a cure for human beings, they help us to make the earth more green and seek benefits. Plant more and more flowers and contribute to nature.