6 Best Safety Apps for Your Cyber-Protection: 2024

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Most of us have walked alone in the park at night while going through all hypothetical lines of defense in case something bad happens. While it is good to know your surroundings, it is best to be prepared ahead of time. Today, you can be proactive with a new generation of personal safety apps designed specifically to help you when you feel most helpless.

While the idea of a Taser and other self-defense weapons is consoling, as morbid as this may sound, they will not always help. Therefore, it is better to be safe rather than sorry and take all possible precautions for protecting yourself and your loved ones. All it would take to get these apps would be a good internet connection. If you do not have a reliable Internet Service Provider already, you can consider Cox, which is popular in the market these days. It provides high-quality internet with good bandwidth. In addition, you will have the added advantage of choosing from a variety of plans and internet packages, at affordable prices.

While all of the apps on our list focus on personal security, some are better suited to certain situations than others are. It is worth considering the dangers you are most likely to face and then choosing the app that is best for that situation.

1. Life360

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Life 360 is a must-have app that can help you keep track of your loved ones and keep them safe. This one is a location tracking software that has helped many people keep track of their family and friends while being away from them. It is also safe to know where people are at the time of an incident to ensure whether they were a victim of the incident or not.

With this app, you can set up a tracker that will be notified when people leave or arrive at a specific location. This is not done to stop people, but to know where they are in case of an emergency. The app is easy to use and even allows users to forward a call in case of an emergency.

2. bSafe

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Your security is not black and white. Maybe you are on a date and have a bad feeling about the person, or you are at a company party and your stomach is aching. In addition to an SOS button that alerts contacts if they feel threatened, the bSafe app offers a real-time “follow me” map feature, as well as voice activation tools, automatic recording, and even live streaming. As an added feature, bSafe can make fake calls that give you a reason to get up from the table and get out of an awkward situation. Like most of these personal safety apps, however, bSafe can only work if you have location services turned on.

3. Circulo

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If you are looking for an app to connect with friends, partners, or parents, Circulo is the best security app for you. The app is officially known as Circle of 6. If you are wondering why it is known as Circle of 6 it is because it can connect with up to 6 people. Once connected, you can share your updates, location, and your safety and well-being.

4. Kitestring

Kitestring protects you with a simple text message. If you do not reply to the message, the app will send a private message to your selected emergency contacts. The great thing about Kitestring is that it is a mobile web app, which means people with any type of phone can access it. It is free and you do not need to download the app.

For people who choose between bSafe and this, the former offers many more personal safety features than kitestring. However, it can quickly drain your mobile phone’s battery because it uses GPS to track your location and allows you to record audio and video in real-time.

5. Trusted Contacts

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This app from Google works just like Safe365 and Life360: A personal security app lets you share information with selected contacts instantly. It allows you to share your location, send your last location after a certain amount of time (even without an internet connection or battery), and even schedule location notifications in the future. This way, your contacts can see your phone’s activity status and automatically know if you are okay. It is integrated with Google Maps location sharing feature.

6. Noonlight

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The Noonlight app (free for iOS and Android) provides a virtual safety button for emergency calls. If you are unsure, press and hold the button. You have 10 seconds to enter your 4-digit PIN when you release the button. If you don’t enter your PIN in time, the Noonlight team will contact the police with your location information.

The security button feature is free for iPhone and Android phone users. IPhone users can also create a timeline of where they are heading and share it with the police in case of an emergency. So if you are going on a first date or a house in a remote location, the authorities can be notified if you go missing.

Wrapping it up

Some situations and circumstances may prevent you from using protective tools. In times like that, your smartphone can be a lifesaver. There are several types of personal security apps that you can download for free on your device. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, can use these applications. When choosing a personal security application, ease of use and reliability should be the most important factors in selection. We hope our list proved helpful. Stay safe!